Move On Lithium

At Endurance Motive we design and assemble lithium batteries for electromobility. We offer complete solutions for the implementation of lithium-based storage technology for industrial traction equipment, the naval sector and public transportation and last-mile vehicles.

Move On Lithium, switch to lithium, switch to efficient electromobility.

Marine vessels

Public transportation and last-mile


Made in Spain

All our lithium batteries are designed and manufactured in Spain under automobile sector manufacturing techniques or protocols. Endurance is a Spanish capital company with extensive experience in energy sectors.

Our multi-disciplinary design department will offer you customized solutions for your traction vehicles, marine vessels and/or public transportation.

Customized solutions

Study of needs

Carrying out a pre-study of needs is essential to design optimized lithium batteries. Our technical department will offer you the best advice to achieve your goals.

Design and manufacturing

All our lithium batteries are designed and manufactured in our facilities in Valencia, Spain. With lithium cells based on the LiFePO4 technology and an electronic panel developed by Endurance Motive.

Optimization and tracking

With its own monitoring and tracking software, Endurance batteries offer its clients all the necessary information to manage their fleets.

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